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The Entertainment team, Lisa, Dom, Adele and Stephen (whot can forget Dom and Stephens acting "talents") Their hard work in the entertaining visitors in the Magnolia lounge was superb. They try to cover everybody's taste in music and I think they accomplished that.

Mr & Mrs Cutts - Savoy Gardens

We cannot praise the entertainment team enough they were great from start to finish and even got my partner Steve up for two songs which he really enjoyed, and I think everyone else did too, lovely Lisa and her partner the mad Dom were great at getting us all singing along, very professional.

Ali & Steve - Savoy Gardens

The Thomsoms crew were fantastic, Lisa and Dom fantastic perfoming a mixture of songs that suited everyone and also did requests. They are really great couple very friendly and found time to speak to the guest when they finished their spot on an evening.

Margret - Savoy Gardens

I really enjoyed having a drin before and during dinner listening to Dom playing the piano.

Mr & Mrs Marbesa - Savoy Gardens

Dom is a very talented musician and as well as accompanying Lisa on Keyboards he also plays piano a couplr of times a week in the bar area whilst you have your pre-dinner drinks. Lisa ha a great personality and a fabulous voice and she sings everthing from old classics to contemporary songs.

Gary S - Savoy Gardens

The entertainment team, Lisa, Dom, Adele and Stephen were the people that really make this plave worth visiting. Lisa and Dom as the duo Domino were very professional in performing a wide range of popular music. - Savoy Gardens

The resident duo Domino are good at what they do - a cruise ship poolside pop and soul act.

Atlantica Bay Hotel

The quality again was of a high standard. there was night entertainment, started by the resident duo Domino who were excellent, and for whom I felt for as at times, they were playing to reseverd audiences, which can be a hard thing to do. They did a brilliant job.

Cherly M - Atlantica Bay Hotel

As the Public Reations Manager of the hotel, I work very closely with our in-house team (as I oversee them) and therefore can recommend Domino for future opportunites. As a new duo to our hotel, Dominique and Lisa quickly adapted to their role and successfully execute theit evening performances. In addition to evening performances, they are verymotivated as a duo and work very well within the team. Dominique and Lisa are easily

approachable and open to new ideas to enhance the entertainment program. They both carry themselves professionally and are well liked by their team, colleagues, hotel management and guest. It is a pleasure having Domino on out Team.

Maria Ermogenous - PRM - Atlantica Bay Hotel

Domino Played on Board the Azura in the Whitewall gallertis at my evening event and I wish to thank them for providing the music and sang which mirrored the art and added to the overall ambiance of the event.

Philp Gray